Furthering my efforts for ways to promote my

Furthering my efforts for ways to promote my book, I found something online that tells me that I’m on the right track.


Actually, I’m rather proud of myself for realizing this without having someone tell me. But this article had some great information on how to carry my quest for reviews even further. For one, they have a list of the top 1000 reviewers that you can contact through their Amazon accounts. Since they have reviewed the most products with the most helpful reviews, their opinions hold more weight and will push me farther up the author lists. I also found out that even with just 35 reviews online, a blogger managed to be rather high up the list, so I’m headed in the right direction. This is the next step for me.



Yesterday, while doing research on how to get an announcement or article about myself in the newspaper, I happened across an event over in nearby Belpre. It’s a local author meet and greet this Saturday. I’m pretty sure that I’m too late to get into it, but I’m sure that there will be some connections to be made. I don’t know just how high my expectations should be, because one of the phone numbers for the event has already been disconnected (or perhaps was misprinted) and the other had a seriously unprofessional voicemail message. “You have reached [#]. Leave a message if you want…” I’m currently trying to find someone to go with me. Part of me does believe that I should just go by myself, since I don’t want them to be bored and I don’t want anyone slowing me down when I ask questions, and especially because I need to get over the idea that I need a person as a security blanket with me at all times. I shall let you all know what happens.

In other news, I was also stricken with some tendonitis in my right wrist yesterday. It was incredibly inconvenient as I have stuff to write and research to do, but I was a good girl and rested it. As someone who is pretty much always typing away, this was a major feat. Go me!


Dear world, 

Yesterday, I wrote my author bio and thought it was perfect to introduce myself to you. 

“Born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area, Colleen Houser was destined to be a freak. While earning her degree in English/Language and Discourse and working at Sylvan Learning Center, she supplemented her time by reading about dragons, going to Renaissance faires, and writing about death and angels. After she graduated, she did the unthinkable. She married a man who loved the same things she did that she met on the internet and left it all behind to move to his hometown in West Virginia. Here, she has held a few titles including: tutor, data entry specialist, and author, but her favorite will always be, ‘Hey you, move.'”

In 2006, I self-published my first novel in a series of three, Winged. And I have been on my way to get the word out about it ever since. I can’t say that I’ve been pushing as hard as I can, but now, I’m really making a go of it. I promised myself that every day, I have to do some work on promoting the books, not just leaving them out there for no one to find. I’m also working on the fourth in the series.

Today, I enrolled Winged in the KDP Select. I haven’t chosen any days to make it a free download, but when I decide on a day, I will let you know.