Yesterday, while doing research on how to get an announcement or article about myself in the newspaper, I happened across an event over in nearby Belpre. It’s a local author meet and greet this Saturday. I’m pretty sure that I’m too late to get into it, but I’m sure that there will be some connections to be made. I don’t know just how high my expectations should be, because one of the phone numbers for the event has already been disconnected (or perhaps was misprinted) and the other had a seriously unprofessional voicemail message. “You have reached [#]. Leave a message if you want…” I’m currently trying to find someone to go with me. Part of me does believe that I should just go by myself, since I don’t want them to be bored and I don’t want anyone slowing me down when I ask questions, and especially because I need to get over the idea that I need a person as a security blanket with me at all times. I shall let you all know what happens.

In other news, I was also stricken with some tendonitis in my right wrist yesterday. It was incredibly inconvenient as I have stuff to write and research to do, but I was a good girl and rested it. As someone who is pretty much always typing away, this was a major feat. Go me!



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