Who is your favorite character?

Who is your favorite character…?
1) … in Wingéd?

I started writing this in hopes that I could convince you that my favorite character was someone with more of a role in the story like Thrace or Ruth, but I can’t. My favorite character in Wingéd is Angel Dyson. His teaching style is in direct contrast to both Thrace and Malene, and he’s just one of the funniest characters that I’ve ever written. Even though he’s dead, he acts like an old man; he’s sarcastic; he doesn’t take shit from anyone, and he doesn’t allow any of the Candidates to quibble. And through that rough exterior, he has a soft and squishy center. He’s just like everyone’s cranky old grandfather, who loves you but thinks telling you to walk it off when you face plant is the epitome of affection. I also fashioned him visually after James Earl Jones, which only makes it funnier. I don’t know why, it just does. I loved this character so much I decided to bring him back in Dragon Wingéd.

2) … in Foiche Dé?

Kapera is my favorite character in Foiche Dé hands down. When she was conceived as a character, I was coming off of writing for Friedel, who was a reasonably smart girl who felt lost in Wingéd world, constantly questioning everything, but took it in relative stride. Kapera was different. She’s a highly intelligent individual, but sensitive. She took everything so personally, but most notably, she was angry. I’d describe her as an exposed nerve. Writing for Kapera was really cathartic for me because of how angry she was. When I started writing this story, I was in a very dark place, and she allowed me to express all of that. Though she’s been criticized because of her attitude (even Friedel didn’t like her very much), but I love her for that. She’s a train wreck. A lot of times in novels, a character starts out at homeostasis and eventually becomes defeated, after which they need to rise to the occasion. Kapera starts out defeated. She feels like she’s at rock bottom, and even though she keeps trying to give up, she just can’t. Every time you think that she’s done, she rises to the occasion. She gets up the next day and comes out swinging. She’s definitely not happy about it, but I admire this quality in her.

However, the best part was her difficult relationship to Tannis. Writing their bickering back and forth was so fun. I got to write snappy comebacks, zingers, and one-liners that just aren’t as prevalent in Wingéd.

3) … in Dragon Wingéd?

In this one, my favorite is Cassius, who first appears in Foiche Dé. I started out with the intention on centering my third novel on the Pegasus Wingéd, Kitane, but once I started thinking about Cassius, he stole the show. And I fought it at first. I thought about having him as the main character for the first half then coming back to her in the second, but nothing made me happy. It wasn’t until I decided to give in and write about him that I knew any sort of peace. However, I was intimidated. I write in limited third person narration from a single character’s perspective. I’d never written from a man’s perspective before, and I wasn’t sure if I could do it credibly. But I jumped in anyway.

The one thing that I like about Cassius is his sense of honor. He’s a soldier. He’s the knight in shining armor. He’ll ride in on his white horse and save you from the dragon. He demands respect for everyone no matter their station, and he’s willing to fight anyone for it even if it means losing. He means well, but he’s so flawed. I often call Dragon Wingéd “the punishment one man receives for being a nice guy.” Every decision he makes, he just gets dragged down deeper into this awful chasm. I love it.

4) … in Wingless?

I know that none of you know who I’m talking about when I write about these characters, but I really wanted to write about her.

Her name is Nora, and she’s a Phoenix Wingéd who works with weaponizing volatile magic combinations. She’s a very happy soul and always has a smile on her face, which is something that I really needed in Wingless. She’s truly enjoyable to write because of how cheerful she is. She’s the kind of person who is fully encompassed by the type of work that they do. She chews exploding gum, but gleefully maintains that she’s only had to have her face reconstructed once. She states that she never considers herself injured unless she’s missing a couple of fingers, and she has a very special passion for a good weapon. The best part is that she has a potty mouth. Very few Wingéd would ever dare to swear in the Wingéd language, but she does it all the time. She doesn’t pretend to be anything that she’s not, so she flaunts it and celebrates it with every fiber of her being. She’s not a clean, sophisticated sort of girl, and she doesn’t need to be.

Now it’s your turn! Tell me who your favorite characters are and why, and I might make a special entry about them!



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