Novels of Years Past

What were your other books about? Are you planning on releasing them?

Day, Night, and Shadow/The Doublestar Planet series
My other novels (the finished ones) were a sci-fi/fantasy hybrid about this world that had telepaths, telepathic beings with white gems on their foreheads, pixies, beings made of pure magic, warriors, technologically advanced human soldiers, townsfolk, normal humans, and renegades, human thieves who frequently hunt telepaths for their gems. My main character, Astellay, was a telepath who finds this ancient relic in her attic with information about her ancestors coming to their planet. Her mother falls ill, and she uses the relic to find another relic that is said to be able to heal anyone.

I wrote it when I was a freshman in high school, and back then, I didn’t believe in a lot of description, even less so than I do now. I felt that the way the reader could imagine it was better than I could describe it. So, the prose is terrible, but it does have its merits. I’ve always been really good at pacing and flow, characterization, and dialogue. So, of course, that’s what’s good in the novel.

I don’t know if I plan on releasing it. If I do, I would definitely rewrite it first. I don’t know. The thing is that I have plundered a lot from the original novel for things for Wingéd, so I don’t know if I would feel like I was just telling a worse version of Wingéd.

Let’s see, what did I plunder? It was mostly characters, I think, because I love my characters, and I wanted to use them again. Granted, they were all supposed to die really quickly; I wasn’t expecting to continue to use them past a couple of chapters, so that’s just a bad on my part. In the original novel, I had a group going on this quest with Astellay. Two of them were Naddan, a telepath, and Nekali, a warrior. These characters morphed (kind of purposely, kind of not) into the characters of Daisuke and Isis. In later novels in the series, there was also the character of Nessa, who goes a little insane. (Wow, did NOT notice that every character I took has a name beginning with ‘N’ until just now.) I have used the insane character a couple of times (once in fanfiction), because crazy people are fun to write for, but her most recent iteration is Rin. You’ll meet her in Wingless.

If I do end up revisiting this particular world I made, there would have to be some serious overhauls. It wouldn’t follow the same model. Actually, I think I did try to rewrite it after Wingéd, but before Foiche Dé with disastrous results.

The Seven
I have tried to write a few other novels, but none of them really felt right. I think I managed three chapters of The Seven before I put it down. This was after the fourth DNS novel, but before Wingéd. You might call it Wingéd Lite. As with everything I do, I had a complete world. The premise was that one day God either wanted to destroy mankind or just abandoned them (there were a couple of drafts), and man was saved by the angels. The angels gave man powers to look after itself in the super harsh environment that they suddenly found themselves in. The upper class, Mages, ruled over the Serfs, humans without powers. The main character, Rhiannon, was responsible for bringing seven children, supposedly angels born in mage form to save the world again by taking away their powers and restoring the balance. That’s about as far as I got. I had all of their names and powers. It was fun for a while, but it just wasn’t right.

As you can see, this was when I just started dipping my toes into theology and mythology. I just wasn’t seasoned yet.

Telesapiens/Who Once Could See
The story of the Telesapiens was somewhat of an attempt to rewrite DNS. I’d been writing about a certain kind of telepath, but I wanted to completely redefine what my readers thought about telepaths. Thus, the telesapien was born. Telesapiens were telepathic entities who only lived for about ten years. They developed telepathy and the ability to teleport in order to make up for their short lifespans. They were supposed to have been at war with humans, but they now had a very tentative peace. A human ends up getting killed by a group of telesapiens who are defending one of their own, and they start demanding justice. The main character was Aranee, and she was an apprentice of an old priestess, who shows her the way nature. She ends up volunteering to be sacrificed instead in order to stop the bloodshed. So, you can see how this sort of became the basis of the Wingéd origin myth.

Suck for a Buck
Finally, there’s my story called “Suck for a Buck”. This started out as a short story for my creative writing class. Now, my professor had made a huge deal over this short story. It was very Juno-esque before Juno ever came out. It was in present tense second person narration, something that I’ve never done before, and it was “literary”, because my professor forbade anything sci-fi/fantasy. It was about a sixteen year old girl living at home with her parents, older sister, and her sister’s husband. Her sister is pregnant, and it’s just a short about how she deals with being ignored by her family. Anyway, it was funny, and my professor said that I excelled at humor so much, I decided to try and make a novel out of it. The novel was back when her sister and her husband were getting married and everything. The main character has a crush on her best friend, who is in love with someone else who becomes her best friend. I stopped writing it because… well, it didn’t interest me. I liked it, but it’s not me.

However, the unrequited love story does show up in Dragon Wingéd.

So, I hope that you enjoyed that. It was fun wandering down novels of years past.


One thought on “Novels of Years Past

  1. This was a really fun entry to read! I do hope you someday revisit some of these stories. They sound very interesting, especially The Doublestar Planet series and The Seven.

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